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Best Friend Issue....


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Me and my best friend have been friends for over a year now and ive seen her go in and out of unhappy relationships. Ive had enough with this madness, her current bf seems alright but everytime i suggest we go on a double date he comes up with some lame excuse, she says its because his english isnt that good but i think thats bs because he has a job that requires him to speak in english as well as college. He also says he needs more time which i dont understand considering he has met her family and needs no more time to already start having sex with her yet he cant meet her best friend? i dont understand, i told her to leave him because thats a big issue not only does he not wanna go out with us he doesnt wanna go out period, in the long run im afraid she just wont go out at all because of him, she loves to go out and do things and now she doesnt. They fight over stupid things like facebook and anything he cant control like what people are saying on facebook he just erases it from his life. I dont know what to do anymore, this guy seems so weird and questionable, they have been dating for less than 5 months and hes already talking about proposing, to me she doesnt seem happy it seems like hes her son more than a boyfriend. I refuse to sit back and watch my friend be changed, any advice on what i should do?

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