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I posted a few threads on here, and you guys were much help for me!

3months into my break up with my ex girlfriend, I found out a few things I wish I never knew. My ex went back to her ex girlfriend after a few days of our break up. Also, found out she lied about the timing of her ex(current girlfriend) Thus, she told me they broke up four years ago, and I believed her. However, there were signs she was still upset about her past relationship, but i didnt think much of it because she showed me she cared, she would travel a few hours to see me and spend a lot of money me. Also I mean come on who lies about a break up?.

I felt quit upset as i found out about this, yet, im just thinking she is horrible person and i should move on....

Moreover, I feel so betrayed I trusted her like no other. I have been so hurt in the past and i cant beileve this is happening once again.. I have gotten to the point were maybe love isnt my cup of tea?....Any-thoughts?

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Hi Rina, you've made a lot of posts basically asking for positive reinforcement and I think you've received it in every thread! While posting here is fine and an excellent outlet..you know you need to find it within yourself for that reinforcement!


Think of it this way: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. In time the next relationship you have you will be better armed for and ready to handle things much better. You'll find the right gal eventually...just focus on you for now. It's actually warm the last few days up here, I went for a walk in central park yesterday in a T-Shirt!


Anyway, head up!

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Maybe its the type of people you are attracted to? My friend likes really cool, confident slick tough urban looking guys... and she wonders why fate keeps slapping her in the face. I look at her like.... REALLY.... REALLY????!!!???


Maybe you need to set your boundaries and stick to them. Did you let any strange behavior go by without a question in the past?


And yeaaaaah, all 3 posters here are NEW YORK, WOOOOOOT!

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