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BC, loss of libido, and sex life.


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@Cognitive: I've done some research online and apparently all BC has /some/ type of negative effect on your libido. It makes enough sense to me since it plays with your hormones.


@indigoblue: Well, I didn't really notice until I was off the pill for 4 months. I thought my sex drive was pretty normal until then. After, I was just sex hungry to a level I've never felt before. Now that I'm on it again I've noticed my sex drive is now what is "normal" to me.

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If you have trouble with every brand, you can also look into medications to increase your libido, but I agree with what the majority of the posters in here have already said, this is really something that you have to talk to your gynecologist about. She's really the only one that can help you with this.

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I'd have to say this is highly incorrect. My libido is the same as before I went on BC - ubber damn high. You have to play around with BC until you find that fits you or if you don't, find another method.


I agree, there other other methods out there. I have had trouble (not with libido but with other issues) with every single BC I have tried and I gave up on them. I can't make myself go through the horrible physical issues again. So my fiance and I just use condoms now. There are many methods out there, you can talk to your gyno about that as well to find which one is right for you.

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