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Doesnt make Sense. Girls are so confusing

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Okay me and my ex had got into huge argument last month.and thats where she tell me she had sex with somebody while we wasnt in any contact, i had to accept it because we wasnt in any contact. i put it past me. But the beginning of november, we started getting along perfect. Last weekend we went to the movies and had ice cream. and the next day we spent majority of the day together watching t.v movies flirting holding each other.... At one point see like broke down and started to apologize to me this is excatly what she said "i never wanted to hurt you. me and him(referring to the guy) dont even talk no more, i know it sounds bad because we had sex. He even told me i cant mess with you because Him(me) still love you. then she goes i agreed with him i still love you, and the only person i want is. I only love you and only you" ok her and the dude start talking again as friends and as soon as they do she goes back acting if im not there. she goes i want you in my life but not your girl though. I had told her i couldnt be in her life if his here, didnt talk to her the whole day then she randomly texted me saying "i want you in my life, but his going to stay my frien and ur going to have to accept it". What should I do, i bit in and told her i'll stay in her life which i think i shouldnt have, its obvisoly she's confused as hell. Anybody everybeen like this or been thru this. What should i do

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