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I broke up with my girlfriend because we lost our feelings to each other. She was on vacation for about 1 - 2 weeks and when she came back. We started to argue with each other about cheating. She was able to provoke me so i could not controll my emotions. This was my first girlfriend and need someone to help me.


After the break up. I spoke to her the next day. I tried to keep the conversation neutral as possible, but ended up with conflicts. She agreed that she missed me, but lost feelings for me. I was the one who tried to be friends with her, and she agreed to be friends.


We been "friends" for about 2 - 3 weeks since the break up. I does not work wery well because I'm the one who starts all the conversations, and she only reply so short and quick. She wont continue the conversation.


We both trains martial arts and on the same time. (monday and wednesday). Should i avoid speaking to her when she sees me? should i block her from everything (facebook etc?)


I just want to become friends with her, and perhaps more than that. I really want her to forget the past and continue with friendship.


What do i need to do to have a friendship with her like the first time i meet her?



- Kevin (15)

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Im going thru the same. I think its best to go NC with her. If you want her back you have to make her miss you. Block her from everything. When i Blocked my ex from everything she started to worry, and evenutally texted me to check up on me, and even after that i continued and she started texting from random number. Just ignore her make her miss you

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I will try the "no contact" technique, but we usually train at the same place (martial arts), monday and wednesday. She approx train about 2 hours. 19:00 - 21:00. Should i try to change my training schedule? Anyway how long did it take before your ex-gf texted you?


This is my emergency situations: Say "hi" and flee the scene. Better to say something than nothing.


Thanks for the advise i appreciate it.

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