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What do I do about this?


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I met this guy about 2 years ago now. He's tall, dark (african american) and handsome. We met at a party and hit it off immediately. I couldnt get enough of him, I let him push me farther than i would normally go for any guy...but It was because I wanted it. I didn't know what was happening but I thought I was falling for him, we talked non stop on the phone. He showed that he really cared about me and he told me he loved me.


Now I had my doubts about him. My parents weren't sure about him either. He was wild and all about making crazy decisions. I was the only thing holding him down. I was left wondering when he was going to walk away from me, out of boredom. He never did though. We managed to keep our relationship exciting, we were inseperable. Until 8 months came around. He went to a party and got insanely drunk, he told me that he blacked out and that he was told he recieved a BJ from another girl. I didn't know what to think about it, he was a mess and he was incredibly sorry. I still didnt know what to do about it, though, if i could believe his story. So i decided to take a break. We got back together but we did some things that betrayed my parents trust - so they hated him. THings went downhill and I found out he had sex with someone while we were on the break. I couldnt handle it so I broke up with him.


Ever since we broke up, we've been talking to each other off and on. Hooking up here and there. Its been 10 MONTHS. We can't get over each other. I have never been so attracted or head over heels for someone like this. No matter what I try I can't get my mind off of him. He feels the same.


So now the problem is this: we're talking again and for some reason this time is more serious. I see him all the time, I want him all the time, we kiss all the time. I'm seriously thinking of getting back together. But I'm scared that he'll hurt me again and he'd have to gain mine and my parents trust back. They still hate him. I dont want to go behind their backs, thats what messed it up in the first place. Is it worth the trouble, he wants me back and I want him back, but how would we do that? Is that right? Or is he just going to hurt me or anger my parents again?



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What you're describing sounds like a relationship I had. We dated for eight months, but it took us a year to break up. We couldn't make it work, but we loved each other soooo much (as far as I know he never cheated on me though). I finally had enough of the emotional lows that went with all those highs, and decided to stay away. Then I realized that it wasn't him I was addicted to, but the emotional rollercoaster. And I realized that I didn't really love him at all.

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