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Here is my first story that I posted:



And the update.

I went LC contact for the first week of the break-up. The last time that we talked I told her that to work on herself, focus on her child and school. Be a better person and do better for yourself. Her reply to my last message was that she didnt mean for things to end up the way that they did however they did. Oh, and prior to our my last message to her, she suggested friends which I 100% declined - she was extremely pissed off that I said no...but those are the rules, right?


I was NC for 3 days. I actually broke NC after the 3rd day because I notice that she was home during the day and that never happens (She live near me and I have to drive past her place to get to work). So I just sent out a feeler text asking if everything as OK and how she was doing. She told me she was doing good however her daughter was ill so she was at home. Asked about myself, my reply was just "im am fine, I have been keping busy" I learned in this short conversation that she was headed out of town with her family today (nov 11) for the weekend. So I wished her safe travels and a have a good time. Ended the conversation with a "well, I have lots to get to at work before the end of the day, it was nice talking to you, cya later". She said, nice talking and take care. End of converstation.


Later that night, I was making plans to head out to dinner with one of my friends. She texts me while I'm still making the plans and asked me if I liked her dog...I nonchalantly replied with a "what kind of a question is that, of course I do". Since she was heading out of town, she asked if I would watch the dog - I replied that I would. She then askes what I was up to that evening and asks if I want to "hang out". Still not sure what to do, I asked her what she meant by "hang out" (remember - dont want the friendship thing). She said that she missed me and wanted to watch a movie together. I didnt reply right away. I thought to myself at this time that here is a chance to see her and get a sense of what is going on therefore I agreed.


I did all the right things in my opinion while I was at her place. I did not put any pressure on her, was nonchalant. Made it a safe environment for her. She brings up that past....(for you people that want to get your ex back - this is important that THEY bring it up). She apologizes for her what happened and says that she misses me again and things were going to fast. She said that she has no feelings for her previous ex (who would). We had a brief talk about our relationship and at one point she switch topics (Always go with the topic at hand, never try to force a topic). We talked and had a good time.

I planned on going home after the movie (leave a sense that she has to chase) however this is where I may have made a mistake. I stayed the night! We cuddled, had sex and talked. It was a good time.

Now that she has left the city for the weekend and after what happened last night, I think it is a wise choice on my part NOT contact her unless I really have to (about her dog). Let her come to me is the approach that I am taking this one.


Anyway, that is the start of the new beginning.


Does anybody have advice on how to proceed? Am I doing something wrong? or should I be doing something else?

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I dunno...but...I have never slept with a guy I dumped after the fact. I have never even contacted them (except for my chilren's father). So, as a woman, she must obviously have some feelings for and attraction to you. Most women aren't the type to hit it and quit it, or to want a FWB thing (however, that's not the case with every woman). I would just let her come to you. You will have to see her when she gets the dog, and you had sex, so when you see her just act happy and cool-as if nothing weird happened at all. Then wait to see if she will contact you again after this. I wouldn't be pushy at all, its a turn off anyway, plus she said she thought things were going too fast before. So this has to be taken slowly, like you're newly dating her all over again.

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