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stuck again - what should i do?

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My biology advisor (at the university I am trying to reapply to) fudged the deadline for readmission and now it looks like I won't be able to reapply until next Fall?!! Part of me is furious right now, the other feels it's also my fault. I didn't look at the application until the ~20th of october and didn't see the deadline was October 1st. Even then october feels pretty late so I should have realized sooner. I've emailed her to see if we can work things out another way.


Seeing as how I'll probably have to wait another semester, what are my options? Here's what I've thought of so far:


1. Phlebotomy certificate, it's only 15 credits and can be finished in 1 semester


2. Some kind of technology certificate. Here I'm not so sure what is good or not. It would take me through the summer or longer to finish.


3. Go only half time to community college and work the rest of the time.


4. ????


I'm not sure what else to do in this situation. Advice very much appreciated.

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I would go for the phlebotomy certificate because I think that you could get a good job in that field after you get it. I would research that now, though, to be sure that you could easily get a job in that field. If you can, you would be able to work in that field until you start school again next fall....

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Ahh I feel really bad for making my OP seem like an angry post. At the time I was pretty frustrated but now I think I've found a solution.


Thanks for the input chitown and Butterfly. I've thought about the phblebotomy option again. The idea of finishing a 15+ unit certificate that has a starting salary in the mid $20k sounds appealing... but it seems from what I'm researched about this that hospitals and clinics require want at least 2+ years experience. There's a way to get the experience through volunteering but this isn't sounding as viable as before. Plus it would have to wait until I graduate, working full time in school isn't something I'd want to do.


I've talked to my advisor, dad, and my aunt. The advisor agreed to write a letter accepting my late admission if I can prove I completed 24 units with 3.0 gpa or higher (which I will have by this december). I'm very psyched for that! My aunt recommended another semester away at community college to get some more courses that I can transfer or to finish my associates there. The thing is all the courses that can transfer to my degree or minor have already been taken at this point. I could finish my associates but not sure if its worth it... There's also some technology courses that I can take to get a biotechnology certificate at the community college that should really help me out. It seems alot of fresh graduates in biology lack knowledge about lab techniques or procedures and this certificate should provide that (I hope).

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