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Delayed ejaculation


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Does anyone else suffer from this? I lost my virginity recently, and the all 3 times of having sex I haven't been able to come. Great for the girl, but a little frustrating for me. I can stay hard all the time, and have come very close (one time annoyingly slipping out, when I think I would have actually came, and another I just lost it when I thought "Finally, cooperation!"), but no cigar. I feel like if she gave me a handjob or blowjob though, I would easily be able to come. I understand that this is a problem for quite a few men, and am not completely sure if I have this condition or not yet, as I could just be a little nervous and too focused on the job at hand rather than just enjoying it, but I don't really feel like my penis is being stimulated whilst having sex. The best sensation comes from long, slow thrusts, where the tip of my penis is being stimulated most.


Don't know exactly what I expect as an answer, just want to talk! My partner hasn't said anything yet, and just tells me the sex is amazing, but I will have to speak to her about changes things up a little. Currently, we don't do much foreplay, she seems more interested in penetration (even though I'm not huge- just 5 inches I would think) although I have fingered/given her oral before. Perhaps foreplay on me would help stimulate me more...

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If you don't feel like it's stimulating enough, have you tried different positions that will make her "tighter"? Missionary is probably the worst position for friction, as in, there's not really any.

More foreplay would be a great way to get you going, maybe you could try starting off with a handjob and working up to penetration?

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We've tried a few different positions, and other than a (dysfunctional- we're working on it) doggy, the others were probably not the best. Maybe having her lie on her stomach, bum in air but on a cushion with legs closed (sorry, don't know the word!), would work better. Her on top was good for me. Any suggestions?

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Ever hear of the term the, "Death Grip"? When you're used to only masturbation (or masturbate too much) you, in a way, desensitize yourself for sex with a real person. That grip you have on your manhood is much stronger than a woman's vagina or her mouth for that matter. It can make finishing very difficult.


I would back off the masturbation for awhile (or eliminate it completely) and you might see this problem go away over time.

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