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Success! After 3 months of being broken up, we are now partially together again.


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So, my bf of four years told me he didn't love me anymore three months ago. I begged, pleaded, then finally tried NC. It worked for a few weeks, then he starts texting me and wanting to hang out while telling me he had no feelings for me at all. I tried to do some of that, but it hurt too much. So, I deleted him off of facebook and msn and did some more NC. Then eventually, I couldn't take it anymore. He called me one time and we had a long meaningful chat where we both agreed that we were too special to each other for us to not talk anymore. We hung out a few more times casually (once a week or less) and as friends. He started to express how much he enjoyed spending time with me and talking about the past a lot. He started to call me daily again. Eventually, I asked him again if he liked me. He said he still had feelings for me but didn't want to be together with an insecure heart. At that point (3 months into the break up) I expressed that I wanted to get back together. He told me to give him a week to think. During this time, we talked everyday and hung out once. I gave him a lot of space. Today was the end of the week! I gave him two days extra to think. Today, he said he wants to give us a try again! Though we are not official yet, but I think this is enough.

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