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WHEN YOUR EX TEXTS YOU , need an answer from guys


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Long story short - we were together and lived together for over 4 years, two years ago i decided to leave the country he came from cos i was not happy and move to the other side of the world to europe where i come from. Nobody said it was finished we justcouldnt figure out what to do. So it's been 2 years since i left. He came to see me last year, we spent a week together, i saw him again in july this year when he was travelling with a friend around europe. We had 3 days together. During last 2 years we are in touch, before i was texting him, he was texting me, he called... after a while i thought it was too hard for me to be in touch cos i still love him and wanted to cut contact so i can move on. He was the one who always texted and called. After i saw him in europe it was even worse cos all my feeling came even harder because i saw him.


We are still in touch but my question is :

Why does he randomly text me when he is drunk saying "i miss you sweety" "I wish i were with you now baby" "I am drunk and i miss you"

I get texts like this every 3,4 weeks but when we talk when he is sober we talk like friends and he never says things like that. Sometimes i don't hear from him for a month and then again bam! "I miss you so much " - always when he is drunk. He lives 10 hrs by plane so it is not a buddy call. What is the point then?

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i would love him back cos i still love him and it's one of those cases when u have a gut feeling that sth is not finished yet. I don't talk abt my feelings with him cos don't know how he really feels about me so there are times when i'm trying to forget about him and move on but it doesn't really work. He keeps messing with my head by sending me these texts that's why im asking what it can mean. My friends say that whatever is on ppl minds when they are soben and they dont tell you it comes out (drunken texts) when you are drunk and become more open. can that be true?

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After a certain period of time apart,most guys feel insecure as how the woman will react...is she with somebody else ? does she still love me? etc,etc...

Thus when drunk it all goes out not caring about that stuff anymore (besides he wont be able to control it ). So yes, it is true and he means it...in my opinion.

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Im 100% sure that when drunk his real feelings come out...which means also gets emotional

Lonely ? Not necessarily, u just love someone and miss the person.

I mean, u r gonna live only once,just call and talk...clear up first the drunk calling and ask for the meaning so u hear it from him...

Chop chop...u r wasting time here...call!!

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