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Ex pulling disappearing act ?


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I'll make this short and sweet. It has been just over 3 months since the BU, we have only ever been NC for 2 weeks, It would switch between NC to LC for the three months. He dated a girl for 3 weeks and then it was over, I've seen a few guys here and there but not committed to one. He contacted me via e-mail a week ago saying sorry for everything, It was a very light and friendly conversation, asked me how I was, how school was, and then he eventually asked me if I was seeing anyone, I told him I'm not and he told me he isn't either. He told me he didn't think he could view me as a friend and I told him we couldn't be friends. He then asked what we were striving for and I told him I didn't know, and he replied with I guess we don't have to know everything at once said goodnight and told me to message him again sometime.


Two days later I hadn't replied and he sent me another e-mail asking how things were, It once again started out friendly but then became more about our relationship, we spoke of getting back together and he seemed really interested. Agreed we'd hangout sometime and then I ended the conversation. 5 days went by without a word from him, so I begun to think he was using me as a back up so I confronted him, said he wasn't and he was just too busy to e-mail me. Now it has been 4 more days since the last few e-mails.


Is he busy or just playing games? Could he be using me as a back up or with being so into trying again is it genuine?

It just seems odd to me that he seemed so interested and now I verily hear from him.

He also begun getting a sleeve of tattoos and when we spoke he only had half done, this may sound stupid but I kind of believe he wants his whole sleeve done before he sees me to impress me because he knows I love tattoos. But that's probably me looking to deeply into it. haha.


If you have any suggestions or ideas as to what may be going on and how I should go about this I would really appreciate it.

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Its early and hard to say. As a man I do not think I would wait days to contact someone I wanted back. Although not all people are the same. Try directly asking him, and see if he has a realistic response. Don't seem accusing just tell him your curious why he waited. I don't know details of your past relationship, but he may have a reason. He may not want to seem needy, etc. He may have just used you for an ego boost...

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