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Tricky one - Advice needed


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I have arranged a trip away for me and my partner and she insisted on paying for something so i decided to let her sort the train travel tickets out.


Now, the first problem was she couldn't find the appropriate journey so i had to more or spell it out, to which i thought ok maybe just how she is.


Then, after she said she had found he right one she simply said "i'll book it later" - i know later can mean anything but surely if you were up for it / interested you'd just do it. (bear in mind i've sorted everything else for her)


So, now i feel i've got an opportunity to suss out her attitude towards things but i'm not sure how to do it.

Do i force the issue or do i subtly query why?


Can someone please help me on how to understand the situation better and how to bring it up without being on the back foot.

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Just book the tickets yourself and she can pay you back. It's so much easier that way. And if she gets angry that you booked the tickets already tell her that you wanted them booked to be certain of arrivals/depatures and so that you could plan your trip more. It's not your fault she said she'd "book them later" when you wanted them booked now.

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