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Need some advice for my friend


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Hey all, need some advice to tell me friend!

First off he is 22, a little on the heavier side but i personally wouldnt call him fat by any means. He has never had a gf before but has hooked up with about 3 girls, once each i believe.


He is one of my very best friends and lately ive been noticing he has been feeling down on himself. He had been rejected by a girl last semester(she basically played him, i think to boost her own ego) and since then hes just not the same.


He told me the other day that he fears being rejected, that hes not good looking and thats why no one likes him. He is the funniest guy i know, very laid back, and a nice guy to hang out with. He has been crushing on this new girl for a while, but doesnt know if she likes him. I told him that until you ask youll never know, but he doesnt seem to want to take my advice.


Is there anything i can do or say to help him? Hes very outgoing so getting him out of his shell is easy, i just dont know how to boost his confidence or find him a decent girlfriend. Any help??

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I don't think you can boost his confidence, but you can point out when he's putting himself down and explain how unattractive that attitude is. Even if he is just confiding in you, the fact that he thinks those things about himself is really sabotaging if he ever wants to get into a relationship. You could also encourage him to work out because the extra weight might be one of the things that make him think he isn't good-looking. Plus that would help put him in a better mood overall.

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