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Visiting family for holiday's....advice please! :/


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The holiday's are coming up rather quickly! I am not sure what exactly I should do in this situation. But, here is a little back story. My mom recently cheated on my step dad at the end of September though she still hasn't admitted what she has done wrong. Nothing has changed for the better but only is getting worse as time goes on. I hurt mostly for my youngest sibling (10 yrs old) because she obiviously see both parents more then myself and other sibiling (28 and 20).


I haven't really spoken with my mom since it all happened. There has been at least 2 conversations over the phone and once when she randomly showed up at my work. I don't have an issue not going over on thanksgiving to my mom's. I usually go to visit my bf's family and my dad's side. Then on Christmas I will go over to visit my mom and see my nieces, etc.


But, I don't know if I should go over because of the hurt that has been caused. I feel as if I am at a loss because I am torn between going and not going. There's a part of me wanting to go for my siblings and the other part because I don't want to get hurt anymore than I have. I know by going how important it would be for my sister.


I need some sort advice of what I should do?

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