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What can I do to get a date?


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I am 32, and I want more dating success.


I am not desperate, but just looking for somebody to be with. I am not classically attractive (few people are IMO), but I am generally good natured, ambitious (I want to end up eventually as a CEO of a large organisation), am committed to my career, like to cook, like to read philosophy, and like to network computers. I'm also a big soccer fan, and follow the league of my home country (English Premier League, a Gooner).


But despite this, I want somebody to be close to. I am thinking of going to dance classes, and recently enquired about joining a political group in the country I'm in now. At the least these are avenues to meet people.


But I also have had a monumental crush on a co-worker, which as we work in the same department is probably inadvisable to pursue. but she is so sweet and cute, I often daydream about her.


What can I do to improve my chances?

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Going out with colleagues isn't impossible... probably inadvisable but not verboten. I did it for 3 years and the girl sat 2 desks down from me. Didn't end particularly well though! Anyway:


1. Start exercising (obviously makes you look better but makes you much happier as well)

2. Take up some activity where you will meet people. Climbing is a great one.

3. Get better clothes and a haircut, and shave off your neckbeard

4. Set up an online dating profile following these guidelines: link removed

5. Enjoy!

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