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Can a married co-worker be looking for only friendship?


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OP, if you want to have an affair because you hate your marriage, just say so. You feel your husband is abusive. Fine. But it's worth noting that you will not get a clean divorce that way. And it may escalate whatever marital difficulties you have now. Why don't you build a proper support network (of women who will support you when you leave) instead of wasting your time with crushes on strangers? You have a child. If you take that seriously then take your marriage seriously. It would be very sad if you provoked your husband into dangerous action against your child when you are on your way out in some crazy desire to act out.

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^ Good point.


I bet this happens all the time.


"My husband treats me like crap to the point of being verbally and or physically abusive, and it's all his fault even though I chose to put up with it, to the point of being an enabler, so rather than go about it the (admittedly tougher) proper and morally acceptable way by first discussing it with him and giving him an opportunity to make some changes, and then only if it doesn't work, then retaining an attorney and filing for divorce, I'll just sneak around and find some guy that treats me better and go have sex with him".


It's called "divorce". It's called dealing with the fear and removing yourself from a bad situation and relying on the laws that are designed to protect us from abusive individuals who we have the bad misfortune of getting involved with.

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I just read your other thread..... LOL omg. Some ppl really don't take marriage vows seriously these days. It's really sad.


It was amazing, wasn't it? I can't imagine you would expect people to think this is acceptable behavior of a married lady. Your husband may not be a prize but two wrongs never make a right either.

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It depends on his home situation I guess, as in how happy his marriage is, on whether he really does just want to be friends or not, I would also say it's probably the same for you on whether you just want to be friends with him. It is possible for members of the opposite sex to be friends, most of my friends are male and I don't fancy any of them really, I also have a long-term partner, to determine if I like someone I tend to ask myself 'if I didn't have a partner at the time and he didn't have a partner at the time would I be interested in dating him?'

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