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My ex is my best friend in life too.. We are high school sweet hearts.. 15 yrs later we decided to date, I couldn't find a job cause i have a colorful background ;].. And took what I could but took her for granted and visa versa.. So after 18 months she couldn't take it anymore ignored me found a rebound.. After umm 2 months she started to text me.. After one month of texting and talking on the phone we met up for a movie platonic at the time and 2 days later we were holding hands.. We went to fast and agreed, cause I was showing my jealousy to her by verbally saying stuff I shouldn't have and it hurt her feelings.. This was maybe a month after talking again..


So we agreed we should go back to the basic's of best friends.. This was after 3 days of being ignored and finally saw her on facebook and messaged her.. Now we're not friends on FB and she wants to be able to talk to me on the phone.. The tough love is she gave me 6 months till we hang out again.. No talking about 'us' cause it hurts her and she wants to take it slow.. This is day 2 and she called me to make sure i didn't do anything stupied.. Otherwise I'm not going to make first contact and keep it LC..


Wanted to see if anyone else went through 'tough love' and the out come.. 'I know that we mean a lot to each other. I don't think that either of us deny that.. - her quote'

So either way I'll be in her life as a best friend but not sure what to really expect on out come, if it's over or yeah.. I know this is healing for both of us..

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That's not what I took from it.. She mention she was protecting both of us cause the feelings are still fresh and painful.. Not going to wait around for her, mostly focused on my life...


We just have strong feelings for each other but not working out at this time.. Mostly cause I'm not happy with myself/life at this time and think I was taking out on her.. she is very successful in her line of work..

And when we started talking after the first break up I brought up her rebound and ask if someone came around are you going to go out with them.? That broke her and caused the break..


She did tell me 'You aren't losing me. We are just working on things. I just don't want the roller coaster of emotions to continue.' But on the otherside of the coin, we're not together either..

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