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Just seen my ex at the traffic lights awkward

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So I've been trying so hard to cope since we split and the last few days have torn me to peices the not knowing what the hell happened one day everything was fine then she wanted some time to herself we met up spoke about things slept together i stayed over then...BOOM she wakes in the morning saying she is not happy and that was it. In the process i normally work at her work once a fortnight so had to get my boss and her boss involved so that i could avoid it until after the summer.


This morning was really hard starte off normally waking up for that once second everything was fine and ok then like an earthquake i was hit with the flood of emotions why ? what did i do wrong ? how can someone stop having feelings for someone over night how can someone sleep with someone then just decide its over and done with.

On my way to work i took the long way round have started smoking again as its my only releive when i start feeling really bad. As i got to the traffic lights i could see a car approaching it was my ex i knew it was her so made no attempt to even look in that direction the traffic lights felt like years all my emotions flooded back how i rememebred us being together having the most amazing time of our lives. I know she saw me it was all left at a point where i explained to her i needed to break all contact to heal and havent heard anything since.


I decided before i met her that i was going over to the US to do some flying which is in less than 3 weeks so this is the reason i dont want tocontact me so i can try and get my head straight before this. But i cant i cant do anything but think about it. I miss her so so much we only shared the best of times together like a team. there was a few awkward moments but thats part and partical of a relationship or so i thought. I've had enough and just want to stop feeling this way the pain the constant flush of emotions in the morning the not being able to sleep or eat properley or concentrate on anything else.


Life well and truly sucks bad things happen to good people you try your best get the impression everything is wonderful then thats it gone without a care in the world .I bet she didnt even give me a second thought before seeing me this morning and all its done for me is set me back. Ive jus got into work and can say that i wont be here long as i just cant cope with this at the minuite

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Unfortunately thats how most breakups seem to happen. It might seem like she decided overnight, in reality she checked out of the relationships weeks if not months ago. I just went through the same thing, i know exactly how it feels. Everything seemed like it was going well, when all along she was unhappy, lying to me, cheated on me, strung me along for months, then decided its better to move on after she had done more damage to my heart than i thought was ever possible. I too didnt sleep more than 3-4 hours a night, ate maybe once a day on good days, was depressed and so on. I often think and just cant believe that she seemed like she was SO happy with it all and always said so, then how could she let me go so easy and move on like it never happened while i stay up day and night and suffer. Reality is, it isnt neccessarily easy for our ex's its just that they started moving on from us long before we even realized it.


I agree with you, seems like bad things happen to good people. I gave her everything i could offer, love, honesty, loyalty, attention, gifts, trips, dinners, never lied, never cheated, never abused, etc. Things she hadnt had before, yet it was something she could give up so easily. She barely even cried over the breakup while i was devestated worse than ever before. All we can do now is move on and try to do the same. Be thankful for the good memories, learn something from the bad, and forget the rest.

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