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Living with your boyfriend


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The way I met my boyfriend is slightly unconventional but we met on the internet 3 years ago on a gaming site and have been talking eversince. Only recently we met each other in person and it was amazing, we really clicked and had so much chemistry.


We live in different countries and I'm back at home now but we're talking about seeing each other again. Hes suggested that I can stay with him for a couple of weeks if I do but I've never lived with anyone else before, except my family and the thing is, although we spent a lot of time together when I was with him before, we stayed in the same hotel, it's different this time because this is his turf, his home and he has his own ways of doing things, routines etc. Ive never met any of his friends or family so maybe I would staying at his home for this amount of time?


So really my question is, is it hard to live with someone for the first time?


How do I act? I don't want him to think I need to be with him all the time while I'm staying there but I also want him to know that I like spending time with him and doing things together.

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Living with someone and visiting someone for a couple weeks aren't the same thing.


Spending all the time with him for those couple weeks while visiting is almost expected, really. Especially since you're from a different country; unless you want to go and wander the streets of his hometown without him - which sounds weird to me.

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I agree. You still are visiting him, just for a longer period of time. Living together entails financial discussion, chore discussion, both working and coming home and taking care of a house.


You're a guest there. And for those few weeks, things may be absolutely perfect, you'll want to do everything together, spend every moment together, be in each others faces, etc...but living together isn't like that. You are two independent people under one household having a life together and a life of your own.


You are a guest. Clean up after yourself, offer to help with certain things around the house, chip in for the cost of food, or when you go out..etc...but I think actually moving your stuff in for good, and staying for a few weeks are different things.


You may 'crowd' him if he isn't used to it. He may want/need his personal space a bit, but thats hard for you being from out of the country, you can't really just go off and do your own things. Just remember that it is an extended period of time...so he may still have his own things to see and do and may have certain ways he does things.


This would be an exciting thing. Almost like 'playing house'. I wouldn't be worried! Because when all is said and done, you go back to your home. But with that being said, you will certainly see a totally different side of each other during this visit.

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