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How to know if a guy likes you.

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I am in high school and have know I am gay for a while. No one knows as i dont feel comfortable with telling them. Anyway I have a major crush on this guy in my all my classes. He's the same age as me and were really good friends. We work togther on things in school and talk out of schol too. he has started occasionally eating lunch with me and my friends but my friends don't like him. Also he says he isn't gay. But I sit opposite tables from him where we face each other and sometimes I find him satring at me but when I look looks away. Also he gets stumbled with his words when he talks to me and looks a little nervous. Finally I see him look at me when I get changed but then talks to me. Please help as I really like him!

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I would suggest first getting to the point where you feel comfortable with being gay and have the strength to come out to friends/family.


Think of it this way. Even if we assume for the moment that this guy is 1) gay, and 2) interested in you, where does that leave you? You'll have to tiptoe around and walk on eggshells and hide who you are. That's not an environment which will set up your relationship for success.


Do you have any single friend whom you trust enough and could confide in and go from there?

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