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do these people even actually EXIST??!?!


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I just finished reading "Come Back" by Claire Fontaine and Mia Fontaine. It's a memoir written by a mother-daughter pair about the daughter's experience being molested by her father and then turning into a runaway drug addict.


It was a GREAT book, and whenever I finish a good memoir I like to read up more on the author(s). But in this case, I can't find a single thing about a Claire or a Mia Fontaine on the internet! In fact, Claire Fontaine (according to the memoir) writes screenplays for a living, but after much research I can't find any screenplay that's been written by a woman of that name.


Does anyone know anything about these people? There's not even a Wikipedia page for either of them (which says a lot, as there's a freaking Wikipedia page for everything). I'm wondering if they were using pen names, or if they even exist to begin with! I'm so confused, and it's bothering me to think I just read an entire memoir about people that appear to be completely made up.

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