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has anyone read Found Brothers by Joseph J. Ellis?


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This book is taking me FOREVER to finish reading -.-"

i never noticed how slow of a reader i am, until now. or maybe i just really have had no me time




Anyone read Founding Brothers by Joseph J. Ellis?

i need to turn in a sophisticated book review in a few days & i'm literally freaking out. i'm overloaded with work from everywhichway... [welcome to the real world, right? ugh]

and was wondering if anyone could possibly help me to understand the book and the key points of the book better, that'd be amazing. So far, it's boring me to death & i'm not grasping the concept very well.


I need help summarizing the contents of the book, i need to evaluate the presenetation by the author, which i'm not fully confident about thus far... examples would be, is the book slow, easy or hard to read [hard! that's basically all i am sure of], where does the author get his info from, why is it important, ect ect.


Anything would be helpful! thank youuuuu


most importantly, what is the author's goal in writing the book........... is the author trying to assert a main argument? you know, things like that! and who was the audience meant to be..? [besides history majors lol]



[and no, i am not going to use sparknotes or book rags because the teacher was smart enought to assign a book which has none lol]

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