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I hate hanging out with a particular friend, but she keeps asking

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I don't enjoy hanging out with her. She says some offensive things and she gets on my nerve a lot. I try to avoid hanging out with her, but she keeps popping back into my life asking when the next time we can hang out is.

I'm supposed to meet today with her, but I've avoided her calls. I know it's immature, but I don't know what other options I have.

Do I suck it up and meet with her? How do I break free from this?

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why do you feel the need to torture yourself with this? It's not like we got a lot of time to live to begin with. It's really simple: Meet up with her, sit down, tell her how it is, explain reasons and leave. Eg. "I'd like to talk to you about something, you might not like it so here it goes. Uhm, I don't really enjoy spending time with you. The reason is that...blabla". Done! Your life got better just like that! good luck!

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It's hard, because you can't break up with your friends. If I were you, I'd be flat out and totally honest with her. I'm not saying, directly tell her "you're offensive" but next time shse makes a comment, call her out on her crap.


Exactly, what is she doing that is offensive to you that bugs you? I've been friends with someone for over 25 years and we have nothing in common yet she still calls me her best friend, despite the fact I avoid her calls and we just don't hang out. Only problem is, she lives right accross the street from me, so it's not exactly like I can say "Oh, I'm busy, sorry".


Sometimes, well, if a situation came up like that and she was a complete jerk, I'd make something out of nothing and call it a day.

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