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Hmmm sadly enough, I still see my ex a lot. We have mutual friends, and I cant seem to avoid seeing her whenever I hang out with them.

It was probably a bad decision to date her. We were all friends before she and I started dating. Now that we're broken up, it totally ruined our friendship. I thought about this before but I wasnt listening to my mind. I went ahead and asked her out anyway. It wasnt serious but before I knew it, I was in love with her.


Anyway, She has a new boyfriend now. I havent seen her for awhile and I was beginning(or so I thought) to heal.

Im guessing that they're past their honeymoon stage because now she's back to hanging out with our group of friends again--MY group of friends. I saw her about three times this week already. Though we're not avoiding each other, we dont talk. Im not exactly sure how she's dealing with this but I feel pretty awkward. I dont feel comfortable when shes around. Im not myself when I know she's in the room.


She used to be this sweet shy girl, but over time, she's becoming more outgoing, and people just love her. It made me feel good when I was still her boyfriend. Now, it kinda puts me down a little. I get jealous sometimes because people would pay more attention to her than they do me.


Im trying to move on but every time I see her it sets me back.


When my friends invite my to go somewhere, I have second thoughts about going. I start thinking about how I should be acting when I see her. Its not only the "us" that Im missing. Now only is she my ex, she's a very attractive girl, and its just hard to keep my attention away from her.


Should I keep this up? Avoiding her will also mean avoiding my friends, and that means Im gonna be pretty bored.

And you guys all know what happens when you're bored...


Kinda sucks that my friends are not very sensitive about inviting both of us to go hang out. I probably need new friends, but Im not really used to that. I was pretty lucky to meet my friends, and even her. Im not really that outgoing. Among my friends, I used to be the cool guy because I was good at basketball and video games... Now that we're all growing up, that stuff just doesnt interest them anymore.


I feel like Im ranting again.

I cant believe Im reacting like this. I feel pathetic.


That was a long post, any thoughts?

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I run into the same problems. I stole all of "our" friends all to myself. I leaned on them for support after I was broken up with. But if he is lonely, he will inevitably call one of my friends to hang out. I don't have any real suggestions yet. But, does she bring her new boyfriend when she hangs out with you guys, or is it just her?

The only thing I could suggest is telling your friends how you feel straight up. I know you want to hang out with them, being bored only leads to thinking, which is bad...


I hope things get better... Wish you the best

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Thanks for the reply


No, luckily she hasnt brought her new boyfriend around. Whenever there's a big party going on Im just so nervous to see them both there. This will only go on for so long. Sooner or later, he's gonna start showing up and I have no idea how Im going to deal with this.


My friends are not exactly the considerate type. I doubt telling them about this will change anything. They'd rather hang out with her than with me... Her being a hot girl and everything. The guys love her. The only thing stopping them from trying to hump her is probably my existence -_-... Lol why does my life seem so miserable all of the sudden

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Oh wow

I just heard from my friend that her new guy broke up with her already....


I love this girl to death, but something tells me I shouldnt step in to this mess


This news just totally ruined my mentality of trying to move on....

Arghhhh just this morning I was feeling better, now I cant stop thinking about her again...

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