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Guys/Girls who like you and your feelings about it

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Well, this is mostly just a general rant since I don't want to call up my friends about this.


I've posted before about "Steve." He's several years younger than I am and has a crush on me. I don't feel the same and I don't have a really good reason why. Besides the fact that I just don't feel anything anymore for guys since being burned twice badly in 2 years, there is just a bad vibe I get.


He just called me now and didn't have anything to say. I asked what he was calling about and he told me something that my friend could have already told me. Plus, he would see me at church on Sunday so there was no need to call me and tell me about an event that is happening in a while from now. But anyway, I guess it's cute...an excuse to call me...I've done that before with crushes. It's sort of flattering.


But here's a problem. He has my address from the church directory (and his mom gave me a ride home once)...so apparently he came by my house when I wasn't home. He asked where I was and sounded annoyed. I said I had gone out to the park for a while (AS IF IT'S ANY OF HIS BUSINESS). I barely know him anyway.


Last night he waited for me for a long time while I talked to a guy friend. He seemed really pissed off and insisted that he give me a ride home. I said "no thanks, I have my bike" and he said "No, really...let me give you a ride." I said 'No, really. I have my bike." He said "ok then" and seemed annoyed.


If he likes me so much, why does he seem so grumpy? This is weird. I don't like him, but I like him less since he seems so controlling. My ex, B, came on strong but for some reason, I was attracted to him. What makes me attracted to Brian and not Steve? Conventionally, they are both pretty good looking, but Brian is so much more "sexy" in my eyes.


There is just that "something" that I'm not into. Do you guys experience that? It must be explainable. A church elder saw us talking last night and asked what was going on. I said "nothing!" He said "Oh, well it looked like it." But it most definitely wasn't. I can't say why. If he was someone else, maybe he could change my numb feelings, but he's not.

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Is Steve the guy whose mom is trying to set you up? Do I have things confused? I apologize if I do.


Maybe you've learned that pushy guys are not for you, but you haven't verbalized that yet. Personally I find pushy guys/people to be extremely annoying, so it could be my own prejudice talking here.


I'd say he's grumpy because he is not getting his way. WAhhhhhh! I am mean, lol, but I have no sympathy for that. Look, if he's not respecting your choice now (to ride your bike home) think how awful a relationship would be. ANd he's acting kinda stalker-ish.


You can't say why you're not into him? I think you know, or sense it, but it hasn't crystallized in your head yet. I say good for you that you don't like him!

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There's a lady that works in contracting at my workplace who's majorly crushing on me, finds any reason to get in contact, to ask for help or advice, etc... and it's getting a bit annoying... I'm getting married in 6 weeks anyway so I'm not interested at all... but I know I wouldn't be interested even if I was single.


I think the key to letting them down gently is to make yourself unavailable to them, hoping that they'll get the hint and stop contact, but then again I'm not sure that's working for me (because it's making her think "oh the chase is on") *sigh* You know what, I'm not sure I can help.. I understand and empathise, but I don't think I can help lol (let me know if you figure out the answer haha!)

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Well, no one really likes me right now, so I feel pretty about that. This one little guy I just met might have a crush on me, but he compared my likeness to a cartoon character from As Told by Ginger, and said I looked nice. When I looked up the cartoon, I was mildly insulted. So I have no idea. Nothing will happen with him anyway because he's 12 years my junior. At least he's helped me get my mind off of my crush who doesn't want anything to do with me.

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You whined about Brian.... soooo ummmm...


Anyway, I have two guys who like me at the moment, one who I shouldn't have even the time of day for and another who is honestly a really nice sweet person (i like him too). With the first, I have made it clear after his actions this week that I want nothing to do with him, period. He has called back a few times and I have simply ignored it. Why? Because my actions need to be behind my words, and nothing is a clearer message than that.


With the other, I wouldn't mind getting to know better if the situation was different, but I can tell you this, he like my ex has respected by wishes and privacy. When I was sick, he made sure that I was okay and brought me tea, etc. If I don't get to talk to him, I don't push and neither does he.


Sometimes you need to rip the band aid off with people and say that you are not interested. And stop letting others influence you on who you should be associating with, because as proven in the past, they are not the best judge of character.

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