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I can't stop crying, my head hurts. Everything bad is happening at once


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I don't know if my job is gonna keep me, my car seems like it gonna break down (its making noises and the engine light is flashing) I got a ticket a few weeks ago for an illegal lane change I never got tickets before and now I got another ticket today for a "unsafe lane change" I swear I was looking where I was going. My boyfriend broke up with me for the 15th time 2 weeks ago. I feel so lonely, I dont have any friends. I'm broke...I feel like I can't go on..I don't know whats gonna happen to me anymore. Everytime I try to get things together things fall apart all over again. I thought I was doing good but I'm not.. I don't know how to go on anymore. my head hurts from crying:sad:

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Oh, gosh, I know it's bad. I'm actually having problems like you in all areas except the tickets thing (so far). With the lane change thing, are you cutting someone off when you change lanes (as in, there's barely enough room for you to get in front of them, but you do it anyway)? Are you using your blinkers when you change lanes?


Now, I've got the worst luck out of anyone I've ever known. Things routinely go wrong in my life. My car actually did break down on my way to work yesterday (really, it just...shut off), and I had to pay over $500 which I don't have (yay credit card) to get it fixed by a garage I trust to not jerk me around. I'm not playing 'who has it worse', but the mantra I say when things really get to me, is 'This all will change'. Change is the only constant in life. Nothing can remain the same forever. So know that it's impossible that you won't find someone else you like. It's impossible for you to always be on edge about your job. It's impossible to have the same crappy car forever (I've yet to see a car that runs for 100 years...outside of collectors, but those aren't crappy). It's impossible that you will get tickets every day forever. I think you are getting what I mean. It's rough, I won't deny. Things aren't going to turn on a dime and rock within a day. But everything will change, bit by bit.

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Even if you lose everything you always have yourself. You are the fundamental building block on which everything is based. You can always get a new job, you can always get a new car, you can always get a new bf.


Cali is going thru a hard time right now, you might consider moving away to an area that is more prosperous and has more chance for your to get a job. You should educate yourself to the highest possible degree and take firm action in restoring your life. If you dont want to be lonely you need to step towards the people, and dont worry about the bf, if its the 15th time already, then he'll probably will still come back. You should however assure yourself that the root of the problems that you two have are fundamentally fixed (if he's worth going back to to begin with). Go to a reliable car dealer (of whom you know that others have fixed their car with for reasonable price) and save up money to get your car fixed.

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I cant move to another city without any money, I can't get a new car, I just paid this one off and its not even old its a NIssan sentra 2003 I don't have good credit anymore when I got laid off of my job my bills fell behind on unemployment and my credit went to hell.I don't even have credit cards or any saving even if I need to get my car fixed...wow..its not as easy as you are listing it, if life were that easy I would hve never found this website. I applied to got to college but I can't afford it. I'm trying...I don't even know why I'm typing this. whats the point

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I hope things get better for you. I have been having the same problems. Too many bad things all at once. It feels like my life is falling apart. A mentally stressed friend got shot by police, bf broke up with me and recently have been in a huge car accident and trying to avoid a big financial mess. All these things happened in a span of 5 months. I was crying my eyes out. Then someone told me to remember three things.


a) If you check around and see other people's suffering, your own suffering will become less hurting (this by no way means that your suffering is by anyway less than anyone else's suffering). It just means that check around, you will see people in more trouble than you are. And you will thank god that you are in better place.


b) This is a phase. It will pass away. Someone told me in this forum. This is a storm which will pass. Then there will be clear blue sky which will be sunny and fresh. Same way, this bad time will pass. There will be good times ahead.


c) The third one is about Karma/destiny and you may not believe in those things. So I will keep that for myself.


But I am telling you if you follow those two things, your pain will get a little better. The hurt will be a little less. But I still do hope that things get better for you as fast as possible and you do not have to go through this painful time. But always hope. Hope for the best.

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You gotta hang in there and hold it together. I know many people have said this, but I am going through very close to all the same things. But for me, I have two kids counting on me, and wanting/needing school supplies and clothes.

I know this is your thread but I came here because I am really depressed and when I get this way, I tend to just withdraw from LIFE. I just dont know how I am gonna come up with the money to pay my court fines and get my car fixed, and take care if my kids. Im really scared and most of all I feel like a loser because I cant provide for my family. Uhhgg.. I cant see how I am gonna get out of this one.



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