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EX Just tried to reach out again... ugh


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as the title said, my ex just contacted my friend and asked for my new number. I had changed my number a month ago when we took a break, and wrote him a letter or whatever that I sent about three weeks ago telling him off and telling him what I needed from him.... Since then no response. Then all of the sudden today he asks my friend for my number.


I totally miss him so I was happy but really bad timing. My sister and some other relatives are staying with me this week, and I'm really swamped with work so I'm not going to really be able to talk with him or anything... Not to mention I don't feel strong enough.


My friend already gave him my number because she said it would be wrong to not give him the number for the second time(he asked for my new number a couple of weeks ago too)



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I don't know what to do... I guess it's too late, but I really don't feel strong enough to talk with him... My biggest fear is that he asked for my number to "yell at me" or that he asked for my number to make me feel bad about what I wrote, or that it's just going to be awkward.


I guess I'll just ignore his calls..

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Exactly, just don't talk to him. Block his calls.


BTW, your friend gave him your number because it would be wrong not to...what's up with that? Is she a mutual friend with your ex?


well basically she's married to my ex's cousin who happens to be my ex's best friend, and my bf is her kids godfather(I'm the God-mother) and my ex comes over there are all the time and ugh.. They're semi-close because their family.


And I told him in the letter that I sent that when he was ready to talk, that he could call my friend and she would give him the number(bad move, LOL) so she did...


But he had initially asked before for my number and I told him "no... that I wanted him to read the letter"... SO he read it a few weeks ago, processed it, and I guess now he wants to talk.


And I'm not ready... I feel like bad not answering his calls--and I just sent him another letter yesterday... So just not good at all.


I probably will ignore him this week, and call him back next week or something.

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If my friend did that I would be pissed off! Not cool. Ignore him or block his number.


I want to reconcile


But just not right now... I really thought we needed more time... And I AM the one who told him to call my friend when he was ready to talk and now he is and I'm not...

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A part of me fears that he's only calling to tell me that the "break" is now just a "break up". The letter I sent him was something he wasn't used to--me being assertive, me telling him to get his life on track and get his sh*** together, and me telling him that he needs to treat me better, that I need to find my identity, that I want a family and blah blah.


I just don't want him to call me and say "it's over" which will set me back.


So I will def. wait until I feel more secure before I talk to him.

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