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So I work with this guy who flirts with me all the time. I am 100% sure he is flirting. But he acts like a 12 yr old boy in the sense that he jokes and says I'm the worst and all this other b.s. I know he is just joking but he is so hard to read. Today is when my problem arose. We had our annual canoe trip and we had not planned to be partners both our partners bailed and we got stuck together. I thought hey not such a bad thing. Well it was, he complained the whole time and said i was horrible. Worst canoe partner ever. Just being mean. But I dont know if this was just the way our relationship is or if he was being serious. Anyway he goes around telling people he hates me and then texts me if i was going to this local bar that we both go to. What gives? As far as I'm concerned the only reason you would text someone to see if they were at a bar is if they wanted to see you. I guess I would just like another perspective on this cause its driving me nuts.



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Teasing can be fun, but going around putting someone down is quite different. Teasing is okay if the person knows you're just joking and playing around, and is not bothered by it, but you're clearly not. He sounds a bit clueless IMO.

If I were you I'd want nothing to do with him.


Edit: I think it's just a kind of persona guys put on to try and get girls interested, and make things more fun. It doesn't sound like he's quite got it though. There are times to tease, and times when to be mature and respectful.

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Sounds like you are slighty into being treated like that? I mean you went this far to ask about it so I have to assume you are interested in this Male. It's easy to fall into that pattern for women, because of man and woman's history from the beginning of time. Put aside the negative/aggressive attraction feelings and seek out a more straight-forward and honest man. They exist. Use discipline.

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Thanks for the advice everyone. I've decided I'm just going to ignore him from now on to let him know its not okay to treat me like that.



Well, you are on the right track, BUT, I would advise against ignoring him. Ignoring always leads to more confusion and possible anger. While it may seem like he deserves it, I would tell this one straight up next time he throws his attitude at you: "You can't speak to me like that." Then simply walk off.

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