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I Want My Ex Back So Bad


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I can't believe I'm saying this. She broke up with me in March. Its been almost 5 months of NC. I got a different job over an hour away and it killed our relationship according to her. I'm 28 she's 23. Before she ended it with me, we were. Arguing a lot all the time. She was irrational a lot and I had my faults. But I really think were right for each other and can make it work. I'm back at my old place of work now. She lives ten minutes away. I have a feeling she knows I'm back. I can't stop thinkin about her since I got back. I miss so many things about her. Don't know if should just be strong and remain NC. Part of me wants to give it a few months but maybe ill be over it by then. Don't know how she feels or what her motive is. Saw her best friend the other day and says her life is the same. When we first broke up it was mutual. Then a week went by and I realized I was hurt I wanted to talk to her about it and she was so cruel to me. She just kep tellin me to get over it and move on. Don't know what made her act that way. Should I just move on or I keep tellin myself there's a reason I'm back and its for her. We took each other for granted. I wanna contavt her but I don't wanna interrupt her life. I know she's not well off since her dad got layed off and she's still trying to find another job since she graduated. Guess I want her back is cuz I'm back in her town. I must admit I didn't think about her much and I was happy in my other place of work cuz it took her off my mind. And it sucks cuz stupid me keeps telling myself the next girl I meet I wanna marry her down the road and settle down cuz I don't wanna go through breakups and what not. Please help thankyou for listening

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The distance itself is a killer... she lives only 10 mins away from you, right? You are tempted to go back to see her, to call her again... to be with her...,right?


DON'T do that! By doing this, you will be trapping yourself into a 1-way-street love and that would spoil your chances to move on.


All the more, she said that you should get over it & move on...


She is right. She has moved on and it is high time you do that too. Try to plan your activities in town with new friends & new activities... Don't hang on her.


Good luck.

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I know she didn't mean what she said when she said get over it move on. I just don't get why at first it was mutual and we had a calm discussion then a week later she was mad. There's no way she couldve just gotten over me like that. Ill stay nc for the time being but its drivin me crazy. Her best friend works with me, although she hasn't said nothing. I see her other friends while I'm grabbing lunch. Like I said time line wise I just don't get it. We broke up mutually then a week later she was pissed. Jus find it hard to believe she could let a 3 year relatiionship end like that. I've worked and improved myself too. She even said maybe down the road if we come accross each other things might be different. I dunno it could happen. This is why I didn't wanna get transferred back here. From all the places I come back here. So that's why stupid me things everything happens for a reason and well get back together

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