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Best Friend Got A Girl Preg?


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My best friend told me tonight that he got his girlfriend pregnant and she is leaning towards keeping it. Mind you, we are all 21 years old and still have on year left in college.


He told me that they were both drunk one night and were not careful. Obviously, this is the price he's ultimately going to pay for his mistake, but it's just hard for me to see him go through this. We are really close friends, talk everyday, and everything will change if she keeps it.


He said that she may drop out of school to have the kid. She is not totally opposed to an abortion, but it doesn't seem likely anyway.


I want to try to help out, but I know I really can't do much here. It just sucks to see him go through this. On top of it, one of my other close friends just put his house on the market. He's probably going to move accross the country, so it's just been a tough stretch for me. I'm the type of person who values 'quality' over 'quantity' in friends, so this especially hard for me...I've talked to my girlfriend about these issues and she's trying to help out...


I was just wondering if anyone else had been through something similar. Thanks in advance.

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i havent had anything simalar but i dont suggest his girl to drop out. she should try and finish college and go all the way if she really cared about her future. he should stick with her and support her through all the hard times they might face. just be a man about things not saying he wasnt going to be in the first place. just tell them to never give up .

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I suggest that she doesn't drop out. She can complete her last year before the child arrives.


She should finish while she still has time to be without child. Once she has it, she could easily be swamped for the next 5 years before having the time or energy to complete that last year. By then her previous credits may have expired.

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