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Sex with a guy makes my stomach churn


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I was just reading a post about someone who is completely uninterested in sex and thought "That's me!!" But she posted she's never had a boyfriend or been a little bit sexual (or at least that's what I gleamed from the post.) To clear things up from the get-go, I am 19, bi, and have been sexual with both a girl and guy but wouldn't call it sex. Just messing around....naked.

The question I have is this: I find guys super attractive. I see a hot guy and get hot and bothered. I can imagine getting pretty steamy with him, but when it comes to the getting naked part, it really makes me sick. I would like to have a serious boyfriend eventually but I'm really afraid I won't be able to have sex with him because his "junk" makes me want to vomit.

With girls its different. I don't mind going "all the way" with a girl. I would even date a girl, but ultimately I want to end up with a guy I'm just afraid that I'm going to be to disgusted by having sex with him to even get that far into a relationship. I guess I'm asking if there's anyone else that's like this, or was. How do/did you deal with it?

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No, I've never been abused, haven't grown up in a hyper-religious home. Like I said, I've gone pretty far with a guy but it wasn't a bad experience. I did leave feeling like "that was just weird." Everything that lead up to sex was fine, but when it got to that point, I didn't let it happen because it was actually turning me off.

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Are you afraid of penises for some reason? Why do you refer to them as "junk"? Sexual attraction involves a whole person for me. I'm attracted to women but I'm not particularly fond of staring at just a vagina. Genitalia are just body parts designed to fit together. I think if you are into guys, eventually you will get over this in a few years.

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