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help with meeting a girl


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Hi if anyone could give me advice. Three weeks ago I saw this girl at a local LCBO, she is a cashier in the store. I looked at her and she looked at me and we both smile. 2 weeks ago I went there with my niece and gave her roses, she really like the flowers but is really dificul to ask her out or for her number. When I get close to her all my English words go away and I can only think is Spanish that is my first language and can't not really say any other word than hi. I was thinking about sending some flowers with a card and letting her know I would really like going out with her or meeting her and attach my bussiness card with it to see if she decide to call or text me but I am worried I might cause problems at work because of the flowers and I do not want that at all. Some friends told me that one of them will take her just a card with a business card and a small frase written by me in the card and they will just pass by and give it to her to see if she calls me or txt me but I won't really be sure if she will really call or txt me or she might also be afraid/shy to do so and will never know about her.....


Please if you have any advice please let me know.


Thanks in advance....

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