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I started writing on this site about a month ago after I was heartbroken after my breakup. I didn't know what was the best strategy to get my g/f of 3 years back. I tried no contact for 5 days and then I broke, well it was her birthday so I sort of had too. I decided my strategy was to just be myself. Tell he what I feel, what I could do different, the truth. I already started to show I could change and do less of the things that I do on my own....Watch sports, pick up basketball, softball, drinking.......She really appreciated everything and in the last couple weeks we are working together to try and get back together. We want to take it a little slow that way we can make sure when we eventually get serious again, we are in it for the longrun. We had dinner last night and I am set to see her again this weekend. Just spending time and talking again is great and I feel like its just a matter of time now before we can take the next step forward and be back like things were.


When I felt so hopeless I looked for posts like this to give me some hope and I appreciated it when people were able to get back together. You guys all seem like great and loving people and I hope everyone the best of luck. If the person still loves you then you have to do what you can to get them back. 3 weeks ago I would have smiled ear to ear to just know I would talk to her on the phone, nevermind see her for dinner, have plans to see her out on the weekend, and then the movies sometime next week.

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Your story is interesting. It goes to show that every situation is different. NC can work for some people but may not work for every situation.


In your case, just being yourself and LC worked better for you. I commend you for staying true to you.


I'm in NC on a break. It's been 3 weeks since any contact was made. And 5 weeks since I last saw him.


I plan on sending him another letter in August, because we're on a break and I'd like to see where we are going with this.


A lot of people wouldn't agree with my method, but oh well.

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It is a boost to read stories about people and their success of NC and or it working out in the long run. I have been NC for 6 days, taking a break from relationship right now until school starts and trying to pick things back up. I figure being NC for myself is good, gives me time to reflect and her to think about things as well. The space will do me good when I am ready to talk to her again and I am positive of us hashing things out in the long run.

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Thanks guys


The problem was in her head she thought we were done for good. We had a fight and it seemed like maybe I wasn't the right person for her. I needed to tell her what I thought and if I went nc, she wouldn't have heard the things I needed to say. I really took a chance and said some things from my heart, things I truly meant that got her to realize how much she means to me and the things I would do to never lose her again. It was a type of closure and if she didn't care for what I had to say, then I would have been forced to go nc and just try and get over her. If the person still loves you, let them know without giving them gifts. Things are progessing slowly, but 1 month ago she wouldn't talk to me and now we can smile and share a dinner.


I really learned alot in the last 5 weeks about myself and I am sure all of you have though like I have, done things like I have, been depressed, had trouble leaving the house, etc......If for whatever reason things don't work out in the long run, I am a much stronger person and I know all of you are.


I read almost everyones post and I really mean this, I hope every single one of you can either get your significant other back or find someone greater in the long run.

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