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Is is physically possible for two people to have opposing sexual parts? Its Painful

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This situation is a bit intimate and requires disclosure of certain information that I am not asking opinions or advice on- so please bare that in mind...


The last time I had sex with my boy friend was a few months ago and it was painful, physically. Literally felt like a knife stabbing my insides- repositioning and "slowing down" did very little to alleviate the pain and we simply had to stop. The pain was intense and actually lasted several minutes after we stopped. He wasn't being rough or careless so I'm not sure what happened.


Well we broke up for a while and I began seeing another guy and he and I did not have any issues. In fact we could be quite liberal concerning positions and actions. We had multiple encounters and never had any issues with pain.


My boy friend and I have since reconnected and are in the process of reconciling and we tried having sex for the first time since that one painful episode... and it happened again. Everything was fine and foreplay went well but once we actually began the act, the same stabbing pain occurred again. It wasn't as intense as the initial encounter but it was still quite uncomfortable.


Is it possible that the size or shape of my husband could create problems? He is in fact smaller then the other guy so I'm confused why this would be happening...


Could there be any connection with how I'm feeling mentally? When we did it back a few months ago, I wasn't even in the mood and didn't quite want to be with him to begin with. But I had honestly tried this last time and wanted to- so I don't understand why it would still be so painful?


(Please, all I am asking for is help concerning the health issue, please no moral or ethical input concerning the surrounding circumstances. Thank you)

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It could be that your boyfriend/husband (this confused me too) does not thrust correctly. He may be thrusting completely forward and back (rather in the smoother elliptical motion and hitting your cervix with each thrust. Is his thrusting deeper or in a different motion than the other guy's?


It could also be a mental thing. Were you very concerned that you'd experience pain with him again? You could have tightened up in fear and that caused you to experience pain again.

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That's very odd. I was going to say size at first, but I'm thinking that it could be a combination of how he has sex with you(is he rabbit--fast and lightly thrusting or is he slow and hard thrusting) is his wider than the other guy, and did you mentally note that it would be painful prior to having sex? That could be an impact.


And is he your husband or your bf?

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Yeah ok sorry about that- he is actually my husband and before I posted I thought I would censor that to avoid any comments or remarks concerning the surrounding situation. Guess I missed one...




Canine- He doesn't seem to be thrusting any deeper or too much differently then the other guy. And to be honest I had consciously forgotten all about the painful episode at the time of the new occurrence- wasn't on my mind at all...


There is however a very emotional and mentally straining situation surrounding all of this (as I'm sure you can guess seeing as I tried to censor "husband") and I was thinking maybe my mentality was causing things to constrict, making it painful?

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