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Going for a deviated septum surgery this friday!

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I had a really hard time to breath through my nose for as long as i remember myself and it really bothers me and affect my life, so at the time i thought that there is nothing to do about it and it will stay forever, I even went to my family doctor, she checked my nose and told me that there is nothing wrong with me and that I should nose drops.

A couple of months ago, i accidently stumbled upon the term deviated septum online, started researching and realized that this is what i might have.

I asked from my family doctor to send me to an ENT specialist, despite of her insisting that i dont really need it, after a couple of months I met the guy, he looked at my nose with a special device, and after exactly 20 seconds he told me "you have a severe case of deviated septum" ohhh wow that was the best news i got in years...

i've been waiting for the surgery for 4 months and hopefully it will allow me to breath normally, right now i can bearly breath through only 1 nostrial of the nose whereas the other one is completely blocked.

anyone who underwent this surgery has any advices or somthing?

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Hey! I had that surgery combined with a tonsillectomy and repairs made to my turbinates in my nasal cavity. Septum surgery is quite painless compared to the other two. You probably aren't going to feel too well for a few weeks. Just sore. When you come out of surgery you will most likely have gauze and thread stuffed way up your nasal cavity. Leave this in for the first 48 hours because it helps the blood to clot and promotes healing.


You will experience minor discomfort, but it will pass. I would suggest a Vick's humidifier by your bed when you have removed the gauze pads. After a month or so I would also buy a neti pot (saline rinse) to speed up healing!

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thanks but u forgat the most important part, did the surgery help? what has changed after the surgery, that is, can you breath better? is it significant? overall are you happy that you gone through the surgery?


I couldn't be happier! I have to warn you though: it works VERY well. You may find that your taste in foods and smells may change slightly. You also may enjoy a slightly straighter nose! Odors will also be very pungent to you after the surgery.


The surgery is a good investment!

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I had surgery a few years ago to repair a deviated septum and also a turbinate reduction.


One of the best things I've ever done. I couldn't breathe through my nose at all before surgery. I also had constant sinus infections. Since surgery, I can breathe and I've only had two sinus infections. Big improvement considering that the year before surgery, there were only 2 months that I wasn't on antibiotics.


The gauze they stick up your nose.. honestly its nasty. I begged the dr. to take it out early. It was extremely uncomfortable. Doctors orders were that I sleep sitting up for a couple of nights. I barely slept the first few days because apparently I don't tolerate tylenol 3's well. My front teeth hurt like crazy. (there is a nerve they sometimes hit during surgery that causes this) The rest of it was fine though. It was a lot less painful than I had expected. Keep a bottle of water by your bed because you'll have horrible dry mouth when you wake up.


When they take the packing out, expect an amazing rush of AIR. Once the dr. gives you the ok, saline rinses (neti pot) are very helpful.


Given the end result here, I'd do it again in a heartbeat if necessary.

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