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Haha, whuaaaa, feels awesome

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So its been 7 months since i got dumped, I remember clearly how much i tried contact my ex just to talk to her, but she ignored me the whole time, send her many msgs via cellphone or facebook or you just name it...not even a single response.

During roughly 4 months, every phone call, every msg i got, i was hoping that its her, so we could talk, you know how it is, im pretty sure that you had/have it also, pretty anooying thing, but it was never her.

During this time, I also decided to go strict NC, and i was always questioning myself if i can keep it when she will contact me, wil I be strong enough to ignore her? In most of the cases my answer to myself was NO, im not strong enough and i would probably reply her, although realistically i tried to keep the idea that i will never ever talk to her again, mainly because she herself would never contact me, at least i thought so.

Today, i come back home, after watching a nice movie (Predators) and spending a very nice evening with my friends, i go on facebook, and what do i see? a msg from her... saying "hey, how are you, are you coming to (some event)"

Wow, that moment, i got the biggest smile on my face, and with great pleasure, i erased her msg, and i have no intention of replying, long live NC !!!!

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Trust me summer, you are on the way there, how long ago did you you break up? and i actually opened a thread and said that if i could get a time machine, i would go back ot the first week following my break up and tell silly me that i will be more than fine and i will feel better than always since in the process i have improved myself during this time...if only I knew all of these back then i would spare the 7 months sadness and do something useful, so trust me you will be fine, i was there and now im more than fine, so i know it.

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Well the "break up" was around last December when I went back to college but it really was as if we were doing a LDR and hadn't broken up. But in May is when I found out he had been talking to another girl who lives in our hometown and they started dating. I have done 2 months NC where 1 time I broke NC.


I was just looking through your threads and you have come a long way! That's great! You must feel so much satisfaction to have her being the one who gets ignored! I definitely needed to read your post since nights are hard for me.

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haha you have no idea how good of a feeling it is, and yeh as many of the people here, i went a long way, from zero to hero , yeh you can go over my post, just dont call 911 haha , and if you need an advice or if u need to talk to someone, you can always turn to me ,im always glad to help.

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