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Would this be a good way to ask a friend out


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We used to talk all the time but for the last 8 months, we haven't really talked much. An occassional (but long and enjoyable) conversation once a month. This past week we have hung out three times. I've been hinting a lot that I like her and, unless I'm misinterpretting things, I think she likes me too


I plan on asking her out for dinner. Surprise her a moonlit, candlelit picnic on the beach. Planning on having a stereo with some romantic slow songs on there we could slow dance to if we wanted to. I'll admit to her that I want to get back together with her, but ask her that I would like to take her out the way I've always wanted to and ask her not to say yes or no until the date is over. "That way, I'll have had at least one perfect night with you".


Is there anything I can do to make this better or run more smoothly?

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Seems pretty over-the-top to me. She either likes you or she doesn't, none of the extra posturing (stereo with dance music, asking her not to say anything until the night is over) will change that - it will only serve to make things more awkward if she doesn't like you in that way.


Why not go on a casual date first, see how she feels, and then once you know she's into you, turn on the romance.

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