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Very obvious that he likes me but is not admitting. Should i wait?


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Could it be his age (26) that is making myself (21) confused?


This guy friend of mine has been showing obvious signs that he likes me. He takes good care of me. Friends of ours could sense that he likes me as he treats me differently from others, although he is nice to every one. He seems to be proud and comfy introducing me to his best friends. it's an experience that ive meet his friends who are married and they are showing the 'finally he's found someone who makes him happy' looks. Yesterday was my 21st birthday, and i spent almost the whole day celebrating it only with him and it was filled with much laughter and joy. i told him that i am quite fed up of celebrating my bday out drinking/partying all night long each year. So i guess he got the idea and made things simple. Our last activity was watching a movie at his place and i was supposed to sleep over because i thought he was too tired to send me home. BUT i told myself not to 'give myself out' that easily altho i know nothing was going to happen. The nite ended by him sending me home and texted saying that he hopes i had a great time with him. One of his friends commented on his Facebook wall saying that yesterday was the first time that his friend been chased out of the house by him. (it was because i was on the way to his place).

The day before yesteryday, a girl friend of ours, secretly told me that this guy admitted to her that he's interested in me.

Today, i strangely missed him when i was heading out with my friends during lunch hr. We were texting on SMS and i was really hoping he'd ask me out for dinner or to the cinema since it's a Friday and he has no work 2mro. I couldnt take it anymore when he asked where was i, so i told him and then asked "Are u going to ask me out?". He replied a ''hahahaha. Nope. Lol''. I've never asked such direct questions to him before, so my heart was crushed when i saw that reply.

But anyway, he usually makes the first move of saying Hi online/SMS or calls me. Sometimes he jokingly says that im trying to sound 'Expensive'. To be honest, sometimes i 'dissappear' because i want him to 'chase' me more, because honestly i want him to take action already for missing me instead of being all SHY and GOODY GOODY. THere was a time when we were too busy to text each other (but i was missing him alot), and i promised myself not to text him first. So he finally texted, instead of saying that he misses me, he asked if i missed him.

He is stealing my heart away. i didnt know that i'd fall for him. he is a normal guy that i could be comfortable and happy with. everything is great now, but why isnt he confessing his feelings towards me? the most he went was "i miss u" & "U make me happy, besides my family and friends and football". I used to give him negative answers whenever he jokingly assumed that i miss him, but this week i've slowly admitted some that i do miss him. should i wait for his actions? or is there anything i can do? or forget him?

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How long have you been friends? and how long has this "new", lovey behavior been going on by him? Have you two kissed? The answer to these may drastically change my post below:


Look, I would feel the same were if I were in your shoes, I really would.


But people who are in LTR ask the same questions you are - but you know what the difference is? You are in the beginning stages of a relationship, you don't have to consider a long history when you decide what decisions to make. You have options.


1) Ask him out yourself

2) If he says no, move on

3) If he is stealing so much from you so early on, why stick around? You have no history or foundation to fall back on - it doesn't seem like you should feel he is "stealing" your heart unless you were already a couple in your head. If you are this head over heels and he isn't going to commit to you, you can't change him, so you're going to have ot make a choice soon before it gets worse.

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