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im 15. i live in Ireland. I am suicidal. Its so weird. I used to think i had friends but now ive come to the realisation that i really havent. this year in school i got really close to alot of people and they thought i was happy cz some of the time i was. i told a couple of the girls about myself(about me being suicidal)


But now i come to realise that because its summer and were not in school all the time they dont want to know me no facebook notifications ever, no texts ever. nothing.


theres a concert coming up and i texted all the girls that i only have 3 tickets and most didnt texted backm those who did hate that band. its not a bad band at all


so now i seem to think that whats the point of anything, whats the point of me when no one else sees any point to me either. i might as well give up feigning happiness and just die.


what should i do?

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A lot of people travel or go on holiday in summertime.

That may explain why some people haven't even responded or been in touch.


The girls that weren't interested in the band might just not have the same taste in music that you do.

Don't sweat it. Heck, why not text the boys, and see if any of them want the extra tickets.

Surely you know someone? A sibling or cousin that could go with you?

We all have "off" moments sometimes, so don't be so hard on yourself.

Get out there and try to have fun doing the things that make you happy.

When you do this, this is how you will meet people with similar interests.

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I know how you feel when I was in school I lost all of my friend at the end of it all. But college brought about a big change in my life and had some of the best experiences in my life.

For every door closed another one opens so always look to the future with optomisum, if you put your negative thoughts out of your mind and just have a posotive outlook youll attrackt more people to you.

I think you might be looking to much into it though some times people just get wraped up in there own things you just have to give them a little time and call them up again see if somone wants to do somthing or mention meeting up some time and see where it goes.

Life doesnt always go to plan its all about making the most of what you have, you have to take everything you can and push the negative away, take controle of your own life and take it the way you want to go.

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whats the point of me when no one else sees any point to me either.


You could turn that around and put it another way: how can anyone else see a point in you when you're unable to see it yourself? I know it's not what you want to hear, but it does start with you. That's the brutal lesson of growing up; you have to take care of your own needs. You can't expect someone else to care about you until you care about yourself, because you owe yourself more than anyone else will ever owe you. They have themselves to take care of. It sounds harsh maybe, but lowering your expectations of how much other people will care about you is crucial to your well-being. It's nothing that you need to feel resentful about, and it's certainly not you being singled out because there is anything wrong with you.


I saw a popular study once which looked at people's perceptions of their own social situation. People who feel sad, lonely, depressed and unloved how a sense that there is a party going on in the world without them, that they're the only one who is not invited. You know what? It turned out that about 90% of people felt that they were the one person, singled out. It's the human condition; we all want to be part of the in-crowd and feel that we're not, and we never realise that even people we think are part of that crowd are actually feeling the same way.


what should i do?


Don't give up. It will definitely get better; it was getting better for a while this year, now things have taken a downturn, but they'll improve again soon. Meanwhile, occupy yourself as much as you can, work on becoming as happy with yourself as you can, on needing as little outside approval as you can. I can promise you that as you become less dependent on external approval, you will become increasingly happy, and paradoxically increasingly popular.

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