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I had a one nighter with a girl and got her #. I text her a few times but didn't get much response back. finally afetr a few weeks today she's like "hey you! how's it going?".

How do I flirt with her and not bore her away?

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She's probably embarrassed and thinks you might think of her as a booty call. Give her space and then ask her out a real date and don't sleep with her...relationship balance restored.



She should have thought about that before she had a one night stand. This is never a good way to start a relationship.

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Do not worry about whether you will bore her.

Be yourself.

If she didn't contact you for 4 weeks, it seems likely that her interest in anything serious is very limited, at best.

Take it easy, and if you're looking for something real, don't rush to put all of your eggs in that basket (wow, never before did the eggs/basket thing sound like a euphemism!)

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I happen to agree with agent... I actually see myself doing that X p


so, you want her? baby, just be yourself. don't go over the edge thinking she's just after sex, but don't take it as a love confession. don't get too intimate, but don't go back to square one straight, it will be really awkward. mid term is a good choice there - you have time to react, but not so much it feels you are completely off the game. speak straight, listen clearly, and it can go as far and deep as both want to.

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Thanks for all of the insight! We've been chatting. Mostly small talk. We may meet up at a party in two weeks. I asked her if she wants to hang out next weekend and she said she'll check her work schedule but is still chatting.

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