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How do you fix not doing No Contact


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So my girl broke up with me this week and I sent an email that was really nice to her and she responded back well but during my angry stage the next day I sent one that told her what I didn't like about the breakup, not cruel intentionally but just you hurt me how you did it and I thought you dumped me for someone else cuz she said there was someone else. She snet back messag saying she wasn't seeing someone else, she said she was interested in someone else not seeing them and that it made her breakup with me sooner than later, and that she was hurting too and I needed to lean on my friends but she was always there for me if I needed


Can you fix this with No Contact? Or should I send another message saying I misunderstood and I am so sorry then go No Contact?

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The only thing that fixes it is her forgetting it and wanting you back. No contact has zip to do with her decision making process.


The fact is, she dumped you on the thought of someone else. So say you get back together and that thought becomes reality and that someone else comes into the picture....will she dump you again? I would bet yes

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This relationship is over, and there is nothing to be fixed about it. Fixing yourself, not the relationship, should be your priority. So go NC and stick to it this time around.


That's something that all of us who are struggling should keep top of mind. Good post.

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I do agree that fixing oneself should be top priority. However, when my ex broke up with me...she did leave me for someone else and for a time I was really angry and during that time I expressed anger at her.


However, for myself, I wanted to handle the break up in an adult and mature manner so I knew I had no regrets. I ended up sending a really nice email apologizing for my behavior, wishing her the best but stating that I need to move on, etc., before I went strict NC. This was not so much about fixing the relationship but more about fixing myself. It then made NC easier because I felt I had ended our contact in a way that suited me.

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