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I am still seeing a man who lives with his daughter and ex, they share a house. he cannot afford to leave without a major change in his lifestyle for his daughter, meaning not eating cabbage water,etc.


I have the house number, they are def over, but he gets upset when I bring up him moving out, he says I am badgering him and he will do it whe gets situated, I kinda ended it today.


I feel stuck, I have deep feelings for him but don't want a dead end thing going on. we met on a major dating site but I still can't help but feel there is more to it than what I am told.


He always flips things on me, saying I am inconsiderate or not patient....how patient can one be?!!


I am lost....

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when my ex husband left me it was the same situation he was done with me moving on but still living with me until he found his own place....


how are people so evil if this is true?



Because sociopathic behavior is more common than is being let on.

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it doesn't necessarily mean they're "together" or he is evil...but you're gut is telling you there's more to the story and that this isn't working for you. I think people are in your corner and agreeing with you!! Move on from this guy and if/when he gets his stuff straightened out, you can re-evaluate. You did the right thing.

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he has told me everything about her, where she works, etc.... how could this happen to me? I should be so much smarter having been on the other side of it once before...


If this woman is his ex, and he can't afford to move out, I'm sure there would be no problem inviting you to his home. With that said, I would bet my life that he's never invited you over to his living quarters.

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no he has not... and he would not want me to meet his daughters mother either... its just how he is, he would not like me to be in uncomfortable situations even though he is number one at that...


I think he's the one who doesn't want to be in an uncomfortable situation. Regardless, you said something about him implying that this is *your* imagination/problem/or whatever and that's another red flag. If it weren't a big deal and everything was cool, then why is he saying that meeting them would be "uncomfortable"?? He contradicts himself with that and also blames you in the process.

Eharmony is a good site and there are plenty of guys who are honest and looking for a real relationship. Seems like, though, with this guy you've seen enough red flags to kick your radar into high gear and go your own way. Good thinkin'!!

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Anytime a guy brushes you off like that or implies that your feelings are *your* problem (turning the situation around), get your antenna up!! I would expect something more like, "I know this is so awkward...if it were the other way around, I'd feel the same way. I'd love for you to meet them so you can see it's all legit and not be uncomfortable about it. Hopefully this won't be for too much longer"

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