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Is he seriously interested...? A little unsure.


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I'm 21, he's 29 and we met at our workplace (I'm leaving in a month's time when my internship ends). Anyway it started off with him passing my table and looking in. That continued with eye contact whenever he passed me in the corridors. I think the breakthrough came when I smiled at him once and he'd then "check" to see if I was at my table daily. I then got up the courage to speak to him - twice. What struck me then was how nice and warm he was we were talking. I'd keep moving away from him but he'd get out of his seat to follow me just to continue the conversation. Anyway after that we sorta were "friends".He used to hang out at his friends' desk (accross from mine) a little, and that frequency increased.


Anyway I suggested dinner to him 2 weeks ago and he agreed. So we went to a place his friend owns to eat. And well, he was really nice. Like he would let me walk first, hold the door for me. I was coughing and he was quite concerned. Was asking me a zillion questions. Just really alot. From my hair to my family to previous relationships, our interests, everything. We have seriously alot in common personality-wise and he was teasing me quite abit. He was staring into my eyes alot. and asked for my number, walked me home and mentioned that there were things he wanted to tell me in future.


He texted me to ask if i was safely home and we chatted that manner for abit. The next few days, we chatted quite abit, he'd text or call me. Or we'd speak via IM. We met for lunch and dinner too though we see each other at work. Whenever he had to leave for somewhere he'd text me to tell me where he's going and if he had reached.


We've ALOT of things in common, especially our personalities and the way we react to things in life. He has felt down in the past few days and I tried to be there for him. He has mentioned a number of times that he has found the "second him" in me and cause of that, im a little "special". *Shrugs*. He has told me abt his past gfs though, and i cant help feeling a little affected? Yup. His shortest was 3 months, longest 2 years and all the girls ended it with him. He said they were all pretty much bad timing and had incompatible personalities. He's friends with all of them.


ANW,Over the weekend, we went on a "semi-date" thing kind of. I had a good time. We went sightseeing and then sat down somewhere to talk. He asked me alot of pretty deep questions. And he was as usual, very gentlemanly. He didnt grope me or anything but he'd put his hand on my shoulder to guide me out or brush the hair out of my eyes. And he observes me ALOT. i feel as if he could read my mind and he was studying my face alot. he asked me stuff like why would i wanna wear makeup if when i had nice eyes and stuff. he asked me how i felt at the end, i said good and he said him too. he has mentioned future activities he wants to do.


Anyway i'm just abit unsure as to where this is going. I'm not very experienced, and according to him, every romance is a life experience, i dont want to just be another "experience" for him ya know? And I'm going back to school soon. I just want this to work and well, i dont know, is he really interested?

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Umm he sounds VERY interested! And he sounds like a really nice guy. It doesn't sound like he wants you to be another "experience" for him, but he obviously does want to keep having experiences with you.


Is your school in the same town/city as your workplace, or will you be moving quite far away?

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