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NC because he thnks i moved on??


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Today something occurred to me, what if my boyfriend (i still dont want to call him my ex) hasnt contacted me since the break up because he thinks since i havent contacted him, that ive moved on and given up on him?


It's been a week of NC between us-- after his email on sunday saying his decision didnt change about the break up (after an apology by me), i said "ok bye" and didnt contact him after that. now its been a week. What if hes not bothering with me, to contact me, because he thinks ive moved on??

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Probably not the case. After only a week of NC, you are still coming up with excuses in your head to contact him.


If he wanted to contact you, he would, regardless of whether you are contacting him or not (unless you specifically told him not to contact you again and he listened... unlikely).


You will probably convince yourself that is the case, come up with a reason to contact him thinking he will be glad to hear from you and things will go back to the way they were... but in reality you will contact him, the reality of the situation as it is will hit you and you will probably feel worse.


Not to sound harsh, but its an exercise in futility to try and figure out what he is thinking because you will drive yourself crazy and end up making decisions based on that that will probably prolong your healing or make it worse.

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If he wants you back he is MORE likely to contact you if he thinks that you are moving on..


If you keep contacting him it shows that you are still pretty cut up and not dealing with the breakup and he will want to stay away and not hear from you... Keep that in your mind.

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