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I made a big mistake and dont know what to do.


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Ok last night I made a huge mistake and I feel horrible. I was with my ex boyfriend for 6 years and we broke up about 2 months ago. He left me for another girl and now lives with her. I am still very close with his family ( his cousin is my bestfriend) they are a very close family and I see them every day almost. So anyways last night I was hanging out with some friends (my exs cousins, and brother) we were all drunk and I ended up sleeping with his brother. We both decided to not tell anyone and keep it between us since we both dont want to hurt my ex and I dont want the rest of his family to be mad at me. I had originally dated my ex's brother (the one I slept with last night) before getting into a serious relationship with my ex. So I kinda always had a little thing for him but never intended to act on it at all. I feel horrible and am scared somone is going to find out and everyone is going to hate me. I dont know what to do. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks

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I don't know why they would hate you? If its because you think you have hurt your ex boyfriend, then in my opinion you haven't hurt him by sleeping with someone else (yes even if its his bro). Your ex is with another girl anyways so all is fair.


Also, even if the family should hate you, yo're not the only one in this equation, his brother is in it too, so they should hate him too. (not saying they should hate anyone to begin with).

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