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Omg first date~


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K guys, havent been on a date with someone i like in more than 3 years since my break up.

I been on blind dates and dates cuz of friends hooking me up but never really liked the girls in the end.

I met this new girl through a friend and had a great night at the bars then at club a week ago. I was totally into her since i started to talk to her. The weird thing is she asked for my number, which i was going to ask by the end of the night. never had this happen to me before!! last night i met up with her for her birthday at the same bar then went to a club again. Except we ended up kissing at the club. I asked her if she wanted to hang out sometime during the week and she said yes. we texted friendly texts all days yesterday and today. Our first date is coming up in 2 days and im freaked.

Like i feel like i dont know what to talk about with her. Being out of the dating scene for so long has made me rusty. what are something i can talk about with her? im nervous thinking about the date.....like i dont want to skrew it up. Like i have no idea how i can make her get interested more (not sure if that came out correct).

Should i just see this as a friendly hang out?? ahh i just dont know what to do during the date....i feel its just been too long for me

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