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I'm still angry, normal???

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Is it normal to feel anger towards my mother's elderly friend. In my mother's eyes she was always seen as a super hero (one time she said ''she's like a mother to me'') while my boyfriend as the bad guy.. actually worst than a scumbag (he's not.....).

It was always praising and compliments for her while my boyfriend got nothing but awful treatment (it was not until 2010 this year that peace was finally made between my mother and him). This is what my boyfriend was complaining about previous. That lady got a special treatment but with him... all they did gossiped and bad-mouthed him every single day behind his back no matter how much effort he was putting to make a good impression (meaning, he could have done anything and still gotten the same ill treatment).


4 years earlier that lady tried convincing to break up. I felt I never really got a real support towards my relationship.


Is it normal to still, even though it's in the past now (my boyfriend forgot about it) to still be angry?

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