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Anal sex without a condom


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Hello everyone.

Me and my girl friend have decided to try anal sex out. But we want to do it without a condom. We are both tested for STD's and we have been together for a bit more than two years. Can we do this without running any mentionable risks?





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Yeah thanks for all the great answers!

Another question.. Does anyone know of any alternative lube? If no lube is accessible..

My ex and I used to use private-label "knockoff KY." You can get it anywhere -- grocery store, Target, anywhere. Liquid ot gel. It's always accessible.


Don't tinker around with makeshift "alternatives"; use purpose-designed lubes. Remember, it's her anus, not yours. No lube, no go, no way, no joking.

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Okay, I hate to say this, but anal without a condom can...err...poo can go up his urethra and cause a urinary tract infection. That doesn't mean it will, but it certainly can. Make sure he knows that. Even clean partners are advised to use condoms when going in...that way...

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I cannot remember the name of the lube, I'll have to look when I'm at my boyfriend's later. But it is the best stuff. Do not buy anything else. I have tried astroglide and ky and a bunch of other random names and this is the single best for me.

Another thing that helps is buying a toy, fingers are a little rough for me back there. So I bought a tiny like butt plug. Oh my god, it works wonders.


Makes anal sex so much easier and enjoyable.

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