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thinking of self harm please read


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Stop right now just stop!

I know its hard i have been there myself yes i use to self harm but one day i stopped i looked at my friends and loved ones and though about how they would feel without me in there lifes.

I watched friends go though hard times and one friend ended up in hospital after cutting her wrists when i asked why she said she didnt care she know has got alot of good things going on in her life.

My partner ended up in hospital because he thought that no one loved him he now has me and we have alot of good things happening for us and we are trying for a baby.

I self harmed because i got bullied, beaten by my mum and step dad i got told i was worthless, useless ect and alot more bad things happened but i took a step back and moved away yes i have had a really crappy life but right now i have my wonderful man and friends also good things have started to happen.

So please DONT harm yourself's because life DOES GET BETTER.

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That is excellent, very happy for you!


To be honest, I wish that I could start cutting, and not stop until there is nothing left. Really.


I hope that folks pay attention to your message, and, give it all a second thought!

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